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person with neck pain after auto accidentActive Life Chiropractic & Wellness
Auto Accident Patient Reviews

What Our Plantation Patients Say

At Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Awesome Job*

The front desk ladies are very pleasant and jovial as well as the doctors. I’ve been having bad back pains due to an accident and have both bulging and herniated discs and Dr. Mike has been doing an awesome job in alleviating my pain.

-Kevin G.

I Owe Dr. Hanopole My Life*

I was about ready to kill myself, seriously until I met Dr. Rob. I had the worst pain in my right shoulder down my arm and I could not raise my arm without a lot of pain. I knew as soon as I met Dr. Rob that he was going to help me. I could see he is a doctor who cares about people. He took x-rays and compassionately told me the pain was coming from my neck and before I got results I must be consistent with the treatments. Now a little over a year later, I am pain free. I go for my treatment once a week now and soon I will go once a month for maintenance.

Thank you so much, Dr. Rob! I love you! You saved me from killing myself Dr. Rob, I owe you my life.

- Grace A.

Neck and Back Pain Relieved*

Thank you very much for dramatically improving my neck and back pain. I finally feel like my old self again. Not only do I feel pain free…I feel like I am armed with the understanding of being in control of myself to maintain a healthy mind and body. You helped me to understand that medicine is not the answer and in turn may just mask the symptoms of a greater problem.

Dr. H., your personal care and professionalism is what made me believe in the work you do. Your upbeat spirit and positive attitude kept me wanting to improve my health through dedication not medication. Thank you for your care and knowledge. I look forward to using the tools that I have acquired through my visits to your office and will maintain my wellness.

- Devin V.

Helped Me Avoid Surgery*

Amazing is a one word explanation for this procedure. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for over one year and after receiving Chiropractic care, Dr. Robert Hanopole suggested this newer process. I can say, after three (3) 20-30 minute sessions, I have 75-80% improved mobility. I highly recommend this procedure to those who feel they have reached the end of their rope. It certainly is well worth a try because surgery is not the only answer.

- Sally E.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You*

My boss, Jack B., could not have sent a bigger skeptic to your office than yours truly. I always thought that chiropractors are expensive quacks designed to part people from their money.

After my recent work related accident, I was depressed and desperate. I could not sit in my chair for any length of time, was in constant pain and feared that making me better would send me into bankruptcy. That’s when you generously offered to help, I figured “what do I have to lose.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your entire staff is warm, professional and kind. I felt like a VIP and more importantly, I experienced almost instant relief in just one treatment. I promise to be your biggest champion if you can save me from drugs and surgery and will find some way to compensate you for your compassion and care.

- Jen H.

I am Completely Cured*

I am writing this to express my gratitude for the kind and caring treatment you have provided to me. As a result of your therapy, I am completely cured from the most debilitating episode of my life.

When we began my recent course of treatment in January, I was in such extreme pain that I couldn’t walk more than a few steps. Even though you were most reassuring that I would improve as a result of your treatment, I had serious doubts. In all honesty, I had never before felt such intense pain so continuously. But now I am one hundred percent better.

From now on, I will diligently maintain my periodic chiropractic treatments and I will forever be grateful to you for helping me have a complete recovery from my painful misery. May God bless you with strength, health and long years so that you may continue to do healing work with your gifted hands.

- Irwin I.

Chronic Headache Relief*

Migraines have always been a part of my life. At age five I was hospitalized for more than a week where a battery of tests were performed (including cat scans, MRI’s and a spinal tap.) The cause of my headaches was never found and I was sent on my way to suffer elsewhere. Over the next 22 years I saw various medical professionals who prescribed drugs (antihistamines, pain killers, nausea medications and anti-depressants) to mask the pain. I began missing work when my migraines became constant. I had to give up hope of ever living without the constant pain.

I visited Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness where I was greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Hanopole detected a subluxation and corrective care started immediately. My migraines decreased within the month, both by  number of attacks as well as intensity. I am now receiving preventative care and have been drug and migraine free for over a year. Dr. Hanopole helped me achieve the healthy and active life I had always dreamed of!

- Dana D.

Life-Changing Accident*

The following is my testimonial of the quality of care I am receiving from Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness. After my accident, I was in so much pain, frustrated and did not know what to do about my sudden life changing experience. I got a referral from a friend to visit and so I did. I must say that from the time I first walked into the AActive Life Chiropractic & Wellness office until now, my life has changed.

The atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming and that of caring by the office staff and doctors. Dr. Hanopole took excellent care of me. He is the kind of guy who will listen to what you have to say, be supportive, provide the best care possible, and even go beyond his field of study to research a problem just to help his patients. I can surely say that Dr. Hanopole is a guy of nature, he believes in the total holistic care of his patients.

- Aaron M.

Helped Me Avoid Surgery*

I came to see Dr. Hanopole several months ago as a last resort. My doctors told me to have surgery to remove a disk in my neck. Surgery was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn’t see much of a choice. The pain I was feeling and my quality of my life were so bad that I felt surgery may help.

Dr. Hanopole was the only one to give me a choice. So far I canceled my surgery date and my quality of life has improved greatly. To anyone who is thinking about surgery please give Dr. Hanopole and the field of Chiropractic a chance. Surgery should be the last thing that enters your mind.

- Frank H.

Severe Headaches & Shoulder Pain Gone*

I used to suffer from severe headaches and excruciating pain in my shoulders that all changed after receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Hanopole and staff. Thank you so much for a new lease on life.

- Sophia J.

More Energy and Stress-Free*

Service is great! The staff is always friendly and they assist the patients right away. It is my pleasure visiting the office. I feel much better since I started the therapy. I have more energy then before and stress free. Thanks to Dr. H. and the staff at Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness.

- Slavica T.


*these statements are individual outcomes, your results may vary

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