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About Us

Helping the World from Plantation, Florida

Happy patientsDr. Robert Hanopole has helped thousands regain their health since opening his office in 1995. “Every year my passion for health and wellness grows as we continue to help many who thought they had to just live with the pain or settle for less-than-optimal health,” he says.

Care for Every Issue

At Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness, our team is ready to help you heal naturally in a variety of ways, including chiropractic care, auto accident care, and laser therapy. Dr. Hanopole and his team of medical professionals do everything they can to help our patients feel good and get their health back on track.

The Relief You’ve Been Looking for

We find that when you have a solid understanding of what it truly takes to achieve optimal health, you’ll get the best results. Dr. Hanopole regularly teaches his patients about the value of a healthy nervous system and how the drug-free chiropractic care offered at our practice can help you achieve it. “The more you’re engaged in your goals, the more empowered you’ll be to get well and stay well.”

Are you ready to leave your pain in the past? Contact our chiropractic and wellness practice today and let’s show you how we can change your life!

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