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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Video Library

Dr. Hanopole has compiled a video library for you to browse in preparation for your visit to Active Life Laser Pain Center.

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Testimonials | Laser Therapy & Sports Performance | In the News | Laser Therapy Overview

Laser Therapy Testimonials

Osteoarthritic Shoulder Pain

Severe Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Alternative to Back Surgery with Laser


Low Back Pain, Sciatica, and Piriformis

Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff Relief

La Terapia con Láser

Back Pain, Sciatica and Spasms

Laser Therapy for Sciatica

Treatment for Foot Bursa Pain

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Lower Back Laser Treatment

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

An Alternative To Surgery

Severe Sciatica Nerve Back Pain

Neck Pain Laser Relief

Treating Severe Foot Pain

Free of Dangerous Side Effects

Pain Relieving Treatment

Jaw Pain and Muscle Inflammation

In Praise of Laser Therapy

Treatment for Auto Accidents

Back Pain Laser Treatment Testimonial

Help With Sciatica Pain

Laser Treatment for Foot Pain

Foot Stress Fracture Treatment

Knee Pain Relief

Pain Radiating to Leg

Severe Sciatic Pain

Sciatica Pain

Laser Therapy Worked for Me

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy & Sports Performance

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in the News

News 12 NJ

KENS5 News in San Antonio

News 8 in Connecticut

NBC 13 News at 5 Alabama

Rio’s Recovery

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How Laser Therapy Works

Laser Therapy Overview

Laser Therapy Medical Animation

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