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Meet the Active Life Laser Team

Priscilla Fernandez

Priscilla Fernandez

Priscilla Fernandez joined the Active Life Family in June 2008. Since then, her passion for helping others live a happy and healthy lifestyle has propelled her through various key roles within the team. As the office’s Certified Assistant (CCPA), Priscilla is heavily engaged in the therapeutic process for all of our patients.

As the office has evolved in an effort to continuously provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art services, a new and exciting treatment was added. This technology, High Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, has proven invaluable in helping patients heal significantly faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

Priscilla’s relentless commitment to helping her patients has led her to now become the office primary laser therapy provider. She has successfully performed a multitude of these incredibly effective treatments on hundreds of patients.


Mitsouko Perrault

Mitsouko Perrault

With 23 years of experience in healthcare as both a coordinator and manager, Mitsouko is here to assist you!

Her vast experience in multi-specialty practices allows her to handle all of your insurance and reimbursement issues that today’s complex reimbursement environment presents.

From handling day-to-day billing functions to providing a friendly and knowledgeable answer to your insurance concerns, “Mitsou” is happy to help!

She continues to play a key role in executing Active Life’s operational objectives, while always on a quest to provide you an exceptional patient experience and service!

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