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Auto Accident patients learn the benefits of chiropractic care

man with neck pain after an auto accidentDespite being alert, attentive, and driving strategically or defensively, you may still be involved in an auto accident one day. For those involved in an auto accident, there’s not only physical damage and distress, but also significant emotional damage and suffering. Not only do people want to address their injuries and recover, but they also have to deal with getting their car fixed. There may even be legal issues involved.

A subluxation is when vertebrae are slightly out of position.

Some people-before their accident-may have needed to get specific adjustments to their spine because they may have had subluxations. As a result, that puts pressure on the nerves and interferes with the transmission of the neurological impulses from the brain to the body, and the body back up to the brain.

Causes of Subluxations

Often, symptoms can take months or even years to develop after the first subluxation starts. Subluxations can be caused by all types of stresses. Whether they’re physical, mental, or emotional stresses, they are abnormalities in the structure and the way the structure moves and is aligned. There is also some neurological interference.

However, there could be hidden types of injuries where people don’t feel anything. The good news is that if you’ve had an auto accident and subluxations are detected, we can get those subluxations corrected.

At Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness we find many auto accident patients are led to chiropractic care to heal but also learn about the preventative and wellness benefits of care. Many patients continue chiropractic care after they have recovered from the auto accident and encourage their friends and family to seek care as well.


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