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When You're in Pain, Don't Give Up Hope

Dr. Robert Hanopole

While I was attending Life University in Marietta, GA to complete my chiropractic education, I had a life-changing experience, which altered the way I viewed chiropractic and made me grateful for the path it led me on.

I woke up one morning with my hands feeling a little stiff. It was a strange feeling that worsened the next day, and the next, and so on. Then one morning, I woke up to this progression to the point where my feet and knees felt like they were on fire, my hands were stiff, and it felt like I was walking on hot, broken glass. It was so painful that I was actually screaming.

“What is going on with my body?” I wondered.

Searching for a Solution

After a couple of weeks walking around campus like I was 100 years old, with knuckles swollen to the size of golf balls, I had to drop out of school and start looking for a solution. I went to three of the top rheumatologists in the country, one of whom got in my face, pointed his finger at me, and said,

“I don’t care about your natural chiropractic philosophies; you’ll be on medication for the rest of your life.”

At that point, it occurred to me that being on drugs for life wasn’t the answer for me, and that I had these amazing chiropractors who were trained to help remove any interference in my nervous system around me that I needed to ask for help.

Chiropractic Care, and So Much More

I sought out one of my instructors at Life University who taught me in clinical nutrition. He had a practice where he saw many people with serious problems like lupus, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. With his guidance and care, I received chiropractic care and changed my nutrition, reduced my stress, and gave my body the rest and rejuvenation it so badly needed. I was under all three types of stress—physical, chemical, and emotional—while in school, and I wasn’t giving my body what it required to be well.

He got me on the road to health, and to this day, I have no sign or symptom of any kind of arthritis in my body, and I complete intense, high-interval CrossFit workouts 5-6 times a week. My experience made me realize the value of precise chiropractic care and gave me the ability to look at each of my patients from a holistic, whole-body level.

Just when you may think hope is gone, chiropractic care can change everything, just like it did for me.

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