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What Does the Future of Chiropractic Look Like?

Person getting a chiropractic adjustment on their backAt Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we see chiropractic moving in the future toward moving toward the past. What do we mean by that? The philosophy of chiropractic—a drugless nonsurgical, holistic healing approach—is gaining a lot of traction and popularity today. More and more people are searching for ways to avoid surgery and to minimize or even eliminate medications, particularly pain medications which can be addictive and dangerous.

Chiropractic is at the forefront of what’s going on currently. Although chiropractic means done by hand, technology may be added to help chiropractors achieve even greater results.

We believe that the public is yearning for solutions because they see that the current model of health care doesn’t work very well for chronic degenerative conditions.

The US Is Ranked Low in Helping Chronic Conditions

We have the best health care system in the world for emergency trauma crisis care. While there’s nobody better at providing this care, our country is ranked very low when it comes to helping chronic conditions. The chiropractic philosophy of using the adjustment to remove nerve pressure to establish communication between the brain and the body and the body and the brain is likely to grow in popularity.

Providing Holistic Help

Offering more than adjustments, chiropractors are going to help their patients more with the emotional and nutritional components of health. What health comes down to are three things: eat well, move well and think well. Chiropractic is going to play a big role in that approach toward a patient’s health. We can provide nutrition guidance and recommend exercise to best address each patient’s needs.

Helping to address patients’ stress is another critical aspect of what we do as chiropractors. That’s important because stress causes subluxation, which is interference that occurs when the vertebra is slightly out of position, putting pressure on nerves. That interferes with the body’s ability to function properly and eventually causes pain or symptoms.

There are three types of stresses:

  • Chemical: These include viruses, bacteria, chemicals in the foods that we eat, and toxins in the air and the water.
  • Physical: This type of stress could be from a job that requires a lot of physical labor. It could be chronic repetitive stresses at work such as sitting at the computer with poor posture. Or it could be an injury sustained in a car accident.
  • Emotional: While everyone experiences worry, fear, sadness and anger at one time or another when these emotions interfere with your ability to function stress sets in.

We see chiropractic in the future, not only dealing with adjusting the spine and getting even more proficient but also helping patients with the chemical, emotional and physical stresses in their lives.

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