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Is Your Life Affected by Allergies?

Many people, even those who are regular chiropractic patients, don’t know that when we help your nervous system function optimally by removing interference with chiropractic adjustments, the changes in your body can be incredibly far-reaching.

This is demonstrated with allergies and chiropractic care. Allergies are your body responding inappropriately to a normal substance, and your body might react when other people don’t have those same reactions. When we remove the nerve interference, your body has a better opportunity to reach its highest function and not have the negative effects from the allergen.

Allergies Hit Home

My daughter suffered from severe allergies that would lead to respiratory distress, and she even contracted pneumonia. I had to find a way to help her. Through my research, I found a center that offered a cutting-edge technology that would help her recover from her allergies and live a normal life.

After seeing how much it helped her, I knew I had to bring this technology to my Plantation practice.

Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy

Our patients have a unique opportunity to not only receive chiropractic care that will boost their nervous system, but also have access to the state-of-the-art laser designed to remove the body’s sensitivity to allergens that helped my family so much. This laser performs the ancient healing art of acupuncture, pinpointing certain areas of the body that are receptive to this therapy.

Programmed with over 100,000 substance-specific digital frequencies, the BAX Aura PTL2 laser uses the same energetic frequency your allergen holds, so that when the laser hits the acupuncture points, it will produce the chemicals that make your brain feel good, giving your body a positive response to the allergen. Without the negative effects, your body will reset and no longer react to the allergen.

Don’t feel like your allergies are just something you have to live with. Give us a call! We can help you through optimizing your nervous system and removing your body’s negative reaction to your allergens, whether it’s from hay fever or food allergies.

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