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Elbow Pain ReliefNowTM Laser Method©

Fast, Effective Treatment For Tennis Elbow & Elbow Pain With No Drugs Or Surgery

At Active Life Laser Pain Center, we understand that constant elbow pain is not allowing you to live the active lifestyle that you deserve. The good news is that we can help, today.

Our specific step-by-step protocol utilizing the most modern deep tissue laser therapy available can provide the solution you are looking for.

It’s amazing. My first treatment I went from 0% to 70% with no more pain.


Stop living with debilitating elbow pain! Your consultation is FREE.

Call (954) 423-0020 to get started right now.


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Our High-Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Patients

We Can Help Even The Toughest Elbow Pain Cases

This FDA-cleared laser therapy not only reduces inflammation, swelling and pain! It actually helps to regenerate damaged soft tissue for improved healing and optimal joint function. This deep tissue laser is much more powerful than cold laser, and gets faster results.

No Dangerous Side Effects

When receiving high power deep tissue laser therapy, you’ll feel a gentle warm sensation and possibly a mild tingling. With no known side effects, you can leave here feeling great and focused on enjoying your life.

Visit Dr. Robert Hanopole and his associates right away for a free consultation & evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for our ReliefNow Laser MethodTM.

Say Goodbye to Elbow Pain – Call (954) 423-0020 or Book Online Today!



  • A much better alternative to surgery, the laser treatments are bringing relief! Thanks so much!

    - Johnette T.
  • I was in a terrible car accident in 2018 which caused me to have a back injury. I have done 3+ years of physical therapy, multiple steroid shots, chiropractic adjustments but nothing helped me at all. The injury I sustained also made me unfit to continue my active duty military service. I am currently on my fourth session of laser treatment and can honestly say I feel great. I never thought I would be active again. The office is welcoming and uses active communication to explain everything. Thank you Dr. Hanopole for helping me take another step towards my physical goals and most importantly my mental goals. Bless.

    - Romario R.
  • Have been in a Florida only 6 months and the customer service has been the best I have experience in Florida. I’m so happy I found you! Dr. Hanopole is amazing and his staff is a perfect match.

    - Jocelyn M.
  • The reception and Dr. Hanopole were both superb and educated in catering to the individual patient’s need and on the road to a full recovery.

    - Paul F.
  • Thank you Dr. Hanopole for keeping this body of mine going in the fast lane, your care coupled with an excellent staff and progressive therapies have created a world class wellness center.

    - Tom W.
  • I’m so glad because this laser therapy help me a lot in my daily activities, excellent and professional crew.

    - Lorita H.
  • This is a very well run office. The front desk staff is accommodating and very sweet. Dr. Hanopole helped me to feel confident that he could help me. And he has. I wish I would have been there 20 years ago.

    - Teresa R
  • I am speechless and just keep thinking what happened to all the pain I was feeling?  Is this a miracle? Thanks to Active Life.

    - Every T.

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