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Your Auto Accident Experts in Plantation

If You’ve Been in an Accident, We Can Help!

Whether it was a little mishap in the parking lot, or a major collision at the intersection, you need a team on your side that is ready, willing and able to assist. This is what you can expect from us:

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1. Thorough Examination

Dr. Rob Hanopole will conduct a very thorough examination. We’ll observe you turn, bend, as well as conduct other beneficial tests to help reveal any abnormal motion of the spinal structure and other joints.

2. A Detailed Report

You’ll receive a complete report of findings explaining and confirming what the problems are, how we can help, how long it may take, and how much it will cost.  This way you can make an informed decision about the care that is recommended.

We will send your legal counsel a complete report documenting your injuries, examination findings, and treatment recommendations within 24 hours of your visit, so that your specific case, rights and circumstances can be accurately determined immediately.

3. Gentle & Effective Treatment

We’ll begin with a series of gentle, safe and painless chiropractic adjustments designed to improve the biomechanics of your spine and reduce tension and interference to your nervous system so that your body can heal most efficiently.

4. Progress Report

Periodically we’ll provide progress examinations to determine where you are in the process compared with how you were when you began treatment.  This will help us to determine the best treatment protocols and frequency of visits for your particular case.

Do Not Delay, See a Doctor Within 14 Days of Your Accident!


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