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Active Life Weight Loss & Laser Body Contouring Reviews

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Weight Loss & Laser Body Contouring

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Patient REDUCED Diabetes medication with Chirothin

I could not be happier with my results!

I started to gain weight after stopping the medication I had been on for a number of years. I got in the vicious cycle of comforting myself with food and then feeling bad that I was overweight. I was at a point where I was avoiding social situations and becoming more and more depressed. That’s when I saw a promo for laser body contouring & the ChiroThin Diet at Active Life Wellness. I am SO GLAD I contacted them for a consultation.

After the diet was explained to me, I was happy to find out there would not be any supplements that would make me feel jittery or out of sorts (there are no side effects at all!). I knew I was ready to sign up, eat clean and start losing the weight that was bringing me down. Dr. Mike Rubenstein and the entire staff were encouraging, friendly and most of all accommodating; they made this experience extremely easy.

I started to lose weight immediately & it continued throughout the program. I was very excited I could eliminate bloat and start feeling better in such a short amount of time. Within the first 3 weeks I had lost enough weight that my knees stopped hurting.

I followed the instructions, drank ample amounts of water and was pleasantly surprised that I was not hungry (like I thought I would be) and I did not have low energy levels. I ended the mindless snacking, significantly cut portion sizes and make healthier choices. I was even able to follow the guidelines even while traveling for work, which was great.

I have no doubt I will be able to keep the weight off with the skills I have learned throughout this process.

I could not be happier with my results. I am back to looking and acting like myself again. I would highly recommend this program and Active Life Weight Loss & Laser Body Contouring to anyone ready to lose weight and feel better!

– Leah S.

Better Quality of Health Overall*

Dr. Hanopole and his staff were helpful and welcoming; it is clear to see that everyone there really cares about the happiness and wellbeing of their patients. After seeing half a dozen different doctors in the past ten years this is the first time that I have been to someone who discussed addressing the source of the problem causing me constant pain, nevertheless that there was a problem to be addressed in the first place, and not just treating the symptoms with little to no interest in long term resolution. I am very confident that not only will my issues be resolved by the end of my treatment plan, and continue to stay that way with regular maintenance, but that I will gain a better quality of health overall.

– Kimberly F.

Outstanding service!*

I had an appointment with Dr. Hanopole and I must say the service was outstanding!! The staff was friendly and very pleasant. The service was superb…. I had never experienced such outstanding service and state of the art equipment before. Thank you very much for your service!!!!

– Troy W.

Darren John-Baptiste review

More Energy and Stress Free!*

Service is great! The staff is always friendly and they assist the patients right away. It is my pleasure visiting the office. I feel much better since I started the therapy. I have more energy then before and stress free. Thanks to Dr. H. and the staff from Active Life.

– Slavica T, Macedonia

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