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Laser Pain Center Reviews

laser pain therapy reviews

Our new, high-power deep tissue laser is transforming patients’ lives. Take a peek at some of our recent success stories and give laser a try for yourself!

Learn what to expect when you receive treatment, and call our Plantation office today to schedule a consultation.

A much better alternative to surgery, the laser treatments are bringing relief! Thanks so much!

Johnette T.

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No More Excruciating Pain!

I have for years suffered with back problems and sciatica and after an MRI test I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis. I have gone through Physical Therapy, Epidurals, and a consultation with a neurosurgeon. Since surgery is my last choice and I don’t like medication, I checked the internet to see what other options I would have. I found your advertisement on Laser Therapy and thought I should try before turning to surgery.

After being in excruciating pain and attending four sessions of the Laser Therapy, I could say that by the third treatment I was surprised of the progress it made; a progress that has not been felt with any other of my treatments.With heart, I thank you and your staff for the great feeling I have today. I would recommend Laser Therapy to other patients and hoping to continue further treatments for myself.

- Mildred R.


After each treatment I felt less pain.

It has now been 4 months since I finished my laser therapy treatment with you and I am so pleased. I came to Dr. Hanopole suffering from a very painful left elbow often called Tennis or Golf elbow. After each treatment I felt less pain even though I continued to play golf regularly. I have no pain or soreness in that elbow since the treatment and am therefore pleased to recommend the laser treatment. I also want to praise the entire staff who made every visit a pleasurable experience. I have been telling all of my friends about them!

- Peter S.


Each step is no longer agony!

It wasn’t very long ago that I came to you suffering from a knee injury, unable to bend my knee and pain with every step. An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed bone-on bone, recommended cortisone injections or perhaps a knee replacement.

Your confidence in the healing properties in the new high power deep tissue laser therapy convinced me to try it. After only three treatments I was able to bend the knee without much pain! Today, after five treatments, I can bend the knee almost pain free!! And, each step is no longer agony.

I am so grateful to you and your staff and look forward to continuing the full course of treatment and a pain free knee!

- Joan H.


Light Force laser is a life savior.

I just wanted to send you this thank you regarding the benefits of light force. Light Force is a life savior from pain relief. With the first treatment amazing the relief has been immediate and improved with each treatment. Thank God no more pain, instead of tears I smile from ear to ear thank you.

- Marcia W.

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Laser treatment has taken the pain away.

I would like to thank Dr. Rob for introducing me to his new laser treatment. I came in with a lot of pain in my neck, however the laser treatment has taken the pain away. I am slowly going back to training the way I used to. Thanks.

- Frank H.


Stopped Pain Meds After One Treatment

I want to thank Dr. Rob for giving me the opportunity to try the Laser Therapy Treatment. His enthusiasm for this treatment convinced me to give it a try, after one treatment on my hip I felt so little pain that it was not necessary to take my painkillers. I have not taken any medication for five days now, and still feeling very good, I am continuing this treatment and urge you to give it a try.

- Antonia C.


My wrist felt amazing!

The first time I tried the laser treatment it was a little warm at first and my wrist felt amazing. After a past fracture I have been unable to do too much with my wrist and now since the laser treatment I am able to do everything. I recommend anyone try this treatment.

- Jeremy B.


More Flexibility & Less Lower Back Pain

After only 3 treatments using the Light Force Laser, the changes in my mobility and flexibility in my lower back has greatly improved.

The other change that has made a difference is the decrease in inflammation, which in turn reduces my pain level.

My thanks to Dr. Hanopole and staff for integrating Light Force laser into his practice.

- Debra R.

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Accelerated Healing

After my wrist fracture wasn’t healing well and there was constant swelling and inflammation, I came to visit Dr. Hanopole and start with laser therapy. Three weeks later I feel much much better at 70%. Thanks Dr. Hanopole for your help.

- Ana H.


No More Knee Pain!

My first treatment I went from 0% to 70% with no more pain in my knee. I can stand up better and my walking is much better. Thank You!

- Mamie


Tried Everything Over the Years, Pain Free After One Laser Treatment!

Dr. Hanopole, for the past few years I have suffered from Morton’s Neuroma. An orthopedic gave me three cortisone injections years ago, but they only provided relief while the topical analgesic was active. I knew the next step was surgery….but it’s in both feet, and when can I find the time to be off my feet?? Never. Plus, there was no guarantee. So, I’ve suffered terribly, with burning, searing pain, usually about a half hour after I start walking. I usually take off my shoes for about ten minutes, and then I’m fine. For another little while, until I have to do it again.

After the FIRST laser treatment (5 mins on each foot), I haven’t had the issue again. I felt a bit of it coming on a day or so ago, but it hasn’t gotten to the painful stage. Therefore, I want to continue treatment until I forget I ever even had it. This condition interfered with my usual active, energetic life. Now, that I’ve discovered this painless, amazing treatment, I know I’ll never suffer again!!! Thank you for introducing it to me. It’s worth the cost!! (Less than surgery, quicker, no recovery time, no loss of wages for missed work…etc.) It’s like a magic wand that costs just a bit and makes a phenomenal difference!! I’m GRATEFUL!!

- Jana W.


Grateful for Laser Treatment

I would like to thank you for recommending the laser treatment for my neck pain. I originally came to you wanting to have an MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia), which is an invasive procedure. When you instead recommended the laser treatment, I must admit that I was apprehensive. But was I wrong!!! Thank you for your advice and most caring treatment.

- Frank Q.


The Laser Was Amazing!

The laser was amazing in the treatment of my lower back pain which also caused pain in my left quadricep muscle.. After ONE treatment, my lower back pain was almost normal. The laser therapy was quick, and easy. I would recommend it to anyone with nagging pain.

- Jerome


Wish I’d Come Here 20 Years Ago!

This is a very well run office. The front desk staff is accommodating and very sweet. Dr. Hanopole helped me to feel confident that he could help me. And he has. I wish I would have been there 20 years ago.

- Teresa R.

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