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Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness FAQ

What Does it Cost?

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Chiropractors are often asked…Do you have to crack my back?

Every persons issues are different and thus every case is different. No two patients are exactly alike, therefore each patient requires different services. This can only be determined after your initial visit with Plantation FL Chiropractor, Dr. Hanopole. Our fees are very reasonable and we do accept many insurance plans.

Do I need to have X-rays taken?

In many cases it is important to have X-rays taken. They are an important tool and we’re sure you would like Dr. Hanopole to know exactly what your problem is and how to correct it rather than having him guess.

Do you have to crack my back?

In many cases when receiving a chiropractic adjustment you may hear a cracking noise, which is in reality gas being released at the discs. We can assure you that chiropractic is safe! If you have any concerns please speak to Dr. Hanopole about this, as he could explain this to you in more detail. He also uses some specific gentle techniques that do not produce any “cracking” sound at all. We would be happy to make him aware of your concerns so that he may address that with you in person.

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